Funded by UNDP, the Global Fund is coordinating a project titled A Coordinated National Response to HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis in War-affected and Highly Stigmatised Societies. In Bosnia and Herzegovina project goal 1 is being implemented to Increase the level of information and education about prevention among youth. For the third year, these activities are being organised by the XY Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health, based in Sarajevo. Activities include the establishment of Information and Youth Friendly Centres across BH, which will offer free information and advice about health issues to young people, about sexually transmittable diseases, particularly HIV/AIDS, as well as free medical services. The Center for Civic Cooperation has been tasked with implementing these activities in Livno Municipality:

1. Training for primary and secondary schools to reduce health risks and prevent the spreading of HIV/AIDS
2. Training for medical staff (5 health professionals)
3. Informative presentations for parents and school staff
4. Extracurricular activities: seminars, public debates, workshops, concerts, street campaigns
5. Educational presentations for vulnerable groups (children without parental care, street children ...)
6. Distribution of condoms and educational materials (pamphlets, posters ...)
7. Media presentation and promotion of project activities.

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