We research, develop and implement projects that promote citizen activism as a key factor in developing our society and improving our standard of living. The majority of our activities target ten municipalities in Cantons 8 and 10 and we cooperate with government and non-government organisations across Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Currently we are implementing projects focusing on:

- Increasing citizen participation in decision-making processes at the local government level
- Lobbying for better legislative protection of workers' rights through networking between trade unions and non-government organisations
- Peer education for youth about HIV/AIDS and reproductive health
- Adoption of a Local Environmental Action Plan in Livno municipality
- Strengthening the non-government sector through our role as a resource centre.








Since 1996 we have implemented projects dealing with the following:

- Human rights and democratic processes
- Local self-administration and Local Communities
- Labour rights and promoting formation of trade unions
- Gender equality and implementation of legislation at the local level
- Strenghtening civil society and capacity building for local NGOs
- Ecology and environmental protection
- Transitional justice and reconciliation
- Sustainable return and assistance to returnees
- Strengthening the local media and education for journalists
- Education for youth (democracy, human rights, reproductive health and environmental issues)


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