Lobbying for Better Legislative Protection of Workers' Rights

In 2010 we commenced implementation of the European Union-funded two-year project Lobbying for Better Legislative Protection of Workers' Rights, the objective of which is to improve the protection of workers' rights in ten municipalities in Cantons 8 and 10 in southwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project will contribute to better protection of labour rights through the formation of a coalition of trade unions and non-government organisations covering the two target cantons, which will undertake media and lobbying activities to raise public support and convince higher levels of government to introduce concrete measures to improve the status of workers. Project activities include roundtables, radio and television shows, infromation and data collection, development of a database, reports about labour rights and legislation, drafting recommendations for improved labour rights protection, and lobbying at all levels of government, directly and through a media campaign.

During the first months of project implementation, we conducted research into the surrent state of workers' rights, application of legislation and prevalent labour violations. The report (in local language) is available here.


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