We pay visits to established Local Communities and those that have yet to be formed in the ten target municipalities in Catnons 8 and 10. Through these personal contacts we gather information, proposals and complaints from residents in relation to their efforts to form their LC. This also offers a clear picture of the level of knowledge among residents in some 150 potential Local Communities about their rights and the obligations of local government, aout priorities and the most pressing needs in these communities. We encourage them to approach their local governments with their problems and proposals and with this aim we disseminate pamphlets and other materials containing the BH Law on Local Self-Government, the European Charter on Local Self-Administration, listings with the names of municipal councillors, municipal services and their contact information. We encourage voluntarism as an improtant component for the successful development, drafting and implementation of projects by Local Communities.

During fieldwork we gather profiles, which contain key information about each Local Community, such as number of residents and households, residential areas, local associations and sports clubs, ID numbers and bank account details, names of the LC leadership, iformation about their offices, problems relating to infrastructure, schools, playgrounds, sports grounds, social problems and vulnerable groups, health care, agriculture and economic development, projects implemented over the past three years. This type of profiling is useful not just for the Local Community but also for the municipality as a whole as it offers a detailed overview of the situation and can be used to raise funds from potential donors (diaspora, individuals, public and private enterprise. Municipalities will be posting the profiles on their official websites (Example: the Posusje Municipality website http://www.posusje.net/statika.asp?Statika=MZ where profiles have already been listed).


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