As part of this project, so far we have organised over a hundred radio shows, broadcast on nine local radio stations covering the ten target municipalitiesin Cantons 8 and 10. In these shows we presented the project, information about the BH Law on Local Self-Government and European legislation and practices, community research results for each municipality with relevant comparisons between municipalities and cantonal assessments, Local Community networks and pressing local problems. Studio guests have included representatives from Local Communities, municipal administrations and municipal councils, and CGS project coordinators. The shows were aired live for listeners to call in and pose questions, speak publicly about problems and needs in their communities, to criticise but also to suggest solutions.

The radio shows have been an important project component for informing the public about the project and the role of Local Communities as a mechanism for civic participation in local decision-making at the municipal level, as radio is the most prevalent media in the two target cantons and accessible to the majority of residents.

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