Each year, together with local government representatives, we select the most active Local Communities (LC), from different municipalities and including urban and rural LCs. Evaluation and selection is based on information gathered during field work and research among LC residents, non-government organisations and municipal staff. The offices of the selected LCs are equipped with computer equipment and office furniture to enable their operation in normal , professional conditions (telephone/fax, computer with software, printer, tables, chairs and shelves).

In order to qualify for the equipment, Local Communities must repair and renovate their pre-war office space or a new space they have allocated for this purpose(together with local government and/or other donors). This includes any necessary construction work, interior repairs and renovation, in order to prepare the space for use.

Equipping Local Community offices in Livno and Kupres









Selection criteria are transparent; they are shared with all existing and potential Local Communities and municipal administrations. After selection and installation of equipment, the selected LCs are presented to the public, through radio shows, meetings and public debates, on municipal websites and during other project activities. The decision is made in collaboration with local government. A contract is signed with the Local Community and Municipality.

The selection criteria are:

Candidates must:
- be active Local Communities (indicator: number and types of projects implemented over the last three years)
- prepare their office space (level of participation of LC residents, cooperation established with local government and/or the private sector)

Preference will be given to:
- LCs with returnee populations (who generally live in difficult circumstances without basic needs and services),
- LCs with higher levels of female participation in their decision-making (so far only one LC has a woman in a decision-making body and the number of women involved in the work of LCs is insignificant),
- LCs with ethnically mixed populations (where the LC is an example of successful coexistence and cooperation between ethnicities),
- LCs with vulnerable groups of residents (including residents with special physical and psychosocial needs, with immobile elderly residents, widows and single-parent households),
- LCs with inferior living conditions (without basic services, power, water, roads, etc).

Prior to commencement of this project, not one Local Community in the ten target municipalities had a useable office space or equipment; they have been improvising and meeting at schools, in the homes of residents, etc. To date, we have equipped offices for 20 Local Communities from Cantons 8 and 10.

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