Each year since 2007 we have been organising trainings for Local Community leaders and local administration in ten municipalities in Cantons 8 and 10. To date, over 200 Local Community (LC) and municipal administration representatives have completed the trainings. The objective of the trainings is to improve the skills of LC staff by offering information and practical skills enabling them to successfully manage their LCs and better represent their communities and priorities before local government.

Training topics are specifically tailored for participant needs. Research and analysis among Local Communities and the skills they identify as being important for their leadership are used to focus tranings on the most important skills.

Trainings in Tomislavgrad and Posusje









Trainings include the following topics:

-  Management of Local Communities: Developing Management Skills
-  Drafting Strategic and Action Plans
-  The importance of communication: methods and effects
-  Pubic Relations (oral and written presentation in the media: press releases, speech writing, media and marketing)
-  Problem-solving: Research, Analysis and Presentation of Information
-  Networking
-  Lobbying
-  Cooperation and Communication between citizens and authorities
-  Project Development and Writing Proposals
-  Fund-raising

Trainers are BH academics and experts from public institutions, non-government organisations and the private sector.

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