In Canton 10 citizens do not have sufficient knowledge about Transitional Justice and its mechanisms as well as its importance in creating the preconditions for sustainable peace and reconciliation. There is a lack of open discussion about the past and the conflict, which prevents individuals and society from overcoming the traumas of the conflict and leaving the past behind. Therefore, more attention must be given to war events and dealing with the past by encouraging victims and all those affected by the conflict to share their experiences and contribute to this process of coming to terms with the past. This in turn will facilitate a better understanding of the war, its causes and consequences as well as contribute to building inter-ethnic understanding, reconciliation and sustainable peace in our society.

Through awareness-raising activities via the media and public meeting, networking, documentation, and Information Communication Technology (ICT) to create a truth and justice Website, CGS will encourage peace building processes in six municipalities in Canton 10. In order to promote truth-telling, this web site initiates on-line discussion and offers individuals the chance to share their experiences and perspective about the conflict and its repercussions, which will contribute to the creation of a historical narrative. In order to assure participatory processes, CGS has created a Cantonal network of NGOs and media (NGO Truth and Justice Network), and trained and involved them in project activities. Though the newly established network, and by organizing public meeting, radio programs and the first documentation of local conflict experiences which will be posted on the website, CGS will raise public awareness and bring truth processes into the mainstream, thus promoting post-conflict justice. As these are long term processes, this web site represents our steps toward facilitating genuine reconciliation and creating sustainable peace.



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