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CGS Livno







Centar za građansku suradnju
Adresa: Gabrijela Jurkića 8A, 
80101 Livno, Bosna i Hercegovina 

Tel: 00387 34 202 770
Fax: 00387 34 20 2770

Radno vrijeme: Svakim radnim danom od 8 do 16 sati.

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Questionnaire for Local Communities

It is important for every Local Community to prepare its own identification document, that is, a detailed description of resources and needs, as a starting point for the development of strategic and action plans as well as for project proposals.

We have developed a questionnaire based on our extensive community experience, which can assist the Local Community leadership in surveying residents and gathering relevant information. Our questionnaire can be amended or supplemented as needed to meet the needs of individual Local Communities.

The questionnaire (in local language only) is available here

Report Labour Violations

As part of the project Lobbying for Better Legislative Protection of Workers' Rights, funded by the European Union, we are documenting labour rights violations in Cantons 8 and 10 of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Come forward and report violations of your rights. The form (in local language only) is available here

Civic Participation in Decision-Making

The fifth year of the project Citizen Participation in Local Decision-Making, focusing on promoting civic activism through Local Communities and thereby encouraging more efficient and transparent local government.


LEAP in Livno Municipality

The best response to the complexities of environmental protection lies in local community-level problem-solving through the drafting and implementation of a Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP).


Resource Centre CGS Livno

The CGS Livno Resource Centre, as part of a project coordinated by the Centre for the Promotion of Civil Society, offers information about civil society organisations in 11 municipalities in southwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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